Support Houses

Support houses, to some, may seem fairly self-explanatory: a house for support. Commonly referred to as ‘half-way houses,’ a support house can be an extremely beneficial step for people entering recovery.

Although Support house accommodation is presently limited in New Zealand, we thought it would be helpful to give you a picture of what some support houses offer.

The majority of support houses are often associated with a residential treatment centre, and are utilised as a part of the treatment centres aftercare programme.

When you leave treatment, the world can seem like a slightly daunting place. The transition can be difficult, particularly if you don’t really have anywhere suitable to go back to – as is often the case regarding drug addiction. A support house offers a safe, supportive environment to ease the transition back into ‘the real world’.

Some support houses may offer a small amount of group work, a chance for one-to-one counselling and the time you need to establish how you will continue with your journey in recovery. This may include finding a job, entering study, establishing a safe living situation, building a support network and so on. The residents typically run support houses. They share the household duties, like cooking and cleaning, and support one another through hard times when they arise.

Support housesSupport houses provide continual assurance and hope to users who otherwise might not cope on their own.

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