PotHelp is a free online e-therapy programme to reduce your cannabis or marijuana use. It helps New Zealanders whose lives are affected by cannabis.

The PotHelp programme starts with a self-assessment and works through 14 actions to help you understand why and how cannabis has become such a large force in your life. It offers support and guidance for those keen to cut back or give up weed.

The most innovative aspect of PotHelp is the library of current and former cannabis users telling their stories. They do this in the knowledge that humans take great strength from the stories of others managing a substance use disorder. 

People who visit PotHelp say they learn just as much from the experiences of former drug-users such as Adrian and Anita, as they do from the information and research-led exercises they work through.

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PotHelpThis website offers stories and tools to help anyone sick of using cannabis to quit or cut back.

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