Peer Support

Peer Support is another form of support group/network that offers a safe environment for people who are looking to find recovery from drug addiction (and mental health), and find out what exactly that means to them.

Peer Support groups/networks aim to inspire change in others through role modelling, sharing their experiences and discussing how recovery is for them today. These groups/networks have people from all walks of life and encourage change in a non-clinical environment. There is no ‘program’ to speak of, simply a group of people meeting to talk about recovery and what has worked for them.

Peer support is slowly on the rise and is beginning to be talked about widely in the Addictions Sector. Peer support can often help connect people to help with employment, education, social support, mental health recovery and specialist agencies.

Peer supportBeing able to relate to people who are going through the same thing as you is invaluable.

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