10 tips to get through

After you stop, it’s not unusual to want to use when things get tough. The answer can be as simple as taking a deep breath and remembering HALTS. But here’s 10 tips to get through withdrawal from addictive drug use, number 10 could be the most powerful.

  1. If you do use, think of it as a one off and learn from it.
  2. Stay away from the people and places where you used.
  3. Do things with people who don’t use.
  4. Don’t have any in the house.
  5. Use a natural sleep aid like valerian. Taking different drugs or medicines to help you sleep may be risky because they can lead to other problems.
  6. Don’t fight cravings. Tell yourself you’ll decide in 5 minutes (the feeling will usually pass).
  7. Watch movies, tv-series’ or play video games.
  8. Be active. Go for walks on the beach.
  9. Stretch, do some deep breathing, get a massage or do yoga to relax and reduce stress.
  10. Find something new...

Finding something new

Cutting back or stopping can be far easier if, rather than focussing on making a change to your drug use, you change-up your life instead. Starting something new could involve learning a new language, getting a new job, joining a volunteer group, cultural group, sports team, dance group, or even going back to church. Another powerful action that can take your mind off drugs is to busy yourself with moving to a new home, or moving in with whānau where you’ll be around people who don’t use.

WithdrawalWhen it comes to change, everyone is different. Some people will float through, others will face one hurdle after another. Whatever obstacles may come up, do your best to stick at it!

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