How are things now?

Most people who try drugs don’t become addicted. But if you’re using a particular drug every week or every day, or your use is increasing, there’s a chance that you’re hooked without fully realising it. An early sign of addiction is experiencing unusual urges to use the drug. The sooner you notice there is something "not right" about these urges, the easier it will be to change your use before things get out of hand.

Organising your life around taking drugs will flow on to other aspects of your life. Whether it's about your health or how you get on with those around you, the side effects can mount up.

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Sliding Relationships

Relationships are particularly affected if drugs and the things you do on drugs become more and more of a priority in life. It’s hard for others to stay in a relationship with someone who is using a lot. They might find you emotionally distant, or see you as out of control.

How has your life changed?

Think about the following questions, and tell someone supportive, make a list, or write a story about how things are now.
Have I lost anything from my life?
How do others say I behave when I'm high?
What do I really dislike about using?