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Here’s where you can find and download images to share with people you care about during COVID-19 Alerts Levels. These images were created to help people cope with effects of alcohol and other drug use while in lockdown by giving some helpful tips and advice, and can continue to be shared to help support others as we move through alert levels.

Please share these images with friends and whānau, other people you care about, and on social media. You can download the full range of resources on the Drug Foundation website.

Some things to consider when sharing these images:

  • Be positive and strength-based. For example, focus on aroha, connectedness, and being your #bestbubble
  • Make it easier for people to think honestly about their alcohol and other drug use by avoiding shaming or stigmatising language. For example, use ‘people who use drugs’, instead of ‘addict’. 
  • Encourage people to reach out to friends, whānau, support networks or professionals if they need extra support.
  • Make it local. You could add the contact details of local help services that you know are still up and running (check

Coping with cravings

Cravings are tough, but they will pass. Below you'll find some simple tips that could really help those you care about. 


Managing withdrawal

Help people in withdrawal understand whether their symptoms can be managed at home, or if they need more help.

Nzdf Withdrawal Symp Fb02 01

How to sleep better when withdrawing

Substance withdrawal can cause people to have disrupted sleep. These images have some helpful tips for people to try if they are finding it difficult to sleep.

All Tips

How  to manage methamphetamine withdrawal

It can take many months for someone’s brain to adjust from regular methamphetamine use. This image can help people know what to expect when withdrawing from methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine Withdrawal

Avoiding overdose

As we come out of lockdown, drugs may not be what people are used to – they may have been made in a new way over this time, include other substances, or vary in strength. Share these images to help people consider their use to help avoid overdose.

Nzdf Withdrawal  Overdose Overall

Signs Of An Overdose

Managing alcohol and other drug use at home

People may find it difficult to manage their alcohol and other drug use both during and after lockdown. Share the below images to help people consider ways to keep themselves safe during this time.

Managing Drug Use During Lockdown

Drug use hygiene during alert level 2

Some people may choose to continue using drugs during this time. Share this image to help them be safer, and avoid spreading COVID-19.

Drug Use Hygeine During Lockdown

Supporting others

We have been getting used to living closely with each other in our bubbles. Even in alert level 2, it is important to consider what is OK, how to address issues, and how to support people we care about. Share the below images to help people reflect on these things.

What's OK in your bubble

Some people may be worried about issues arising in their bubble. Share these images to help people agree what is OK and set some boundaries - particularly if you have decided to reconnect with other close friends and whānau under alert level 2.

Nzdf Ok In Your Bubble

It's ok to talk honestly

Share these images to help people understand that it’s OK to for people to honestly think and talk about their alcohol and other drug use.

It's Ok To Think Square It's Ok To Talk Square

How to address issues in your bubble

Some people may be experiencing problems in their bubble due to alcohol or other drug use by people in their bubble. Share these images which can provide them with some helpful tips for conversations to address issues.

Nzdf Problems In The Bubble

Supporting someone in your bubble to withdraw

Some people may be supporting a member of their bubble through withdrawal. Share these images to help them explore questions with those they live with.

Nzdf Withdrawal Bubble Support

How to help your bubble drink less

Some people may find that they, and the people they live with, are drinking more during this time. Share this image that includes some helpful tips for cutting down.

How To Help Your Bubble Drink Less

Supporting others

Some people may be worried about how someone they care about is coping during this time, especially if they were outside their bubble during isolation. Share these images to give them some helpful tips and remind people to be kind to themselves during this time.

Supporting Someone Outside Your Bubble

Supporting Someone

Supporting people in recovery

People in recovery can have a hugely positive impact on their communities. Share these images to celebrate their impact and provide some tips for staying in recovery.

 Tips To Stay In Recovery