Am I addicted?

Knowing what it means to be addicted can help you understand your drug use. To be addicted is to experience a strong desire or compulsion to use a drug even though that may not be the best thing for your life. Addiction is addressed by cutting down or stopping use. However, it gets worse over time, so noticing the signs early means you can take action before it's more difficult to cut down or stop in the future. Addiction can be physical, psychological, or both.

Physical addiction

Someone can be physically addicted if they notice strong urges to use a drug regardless of the setting or situation. If they don't use the drug, the urges continue and other effects of withdrawal may be felt. These feelings reduce over a period of weeks, depending on the drug and level of use. Someone with a strong physical addiction can find that cutting down is not a realistic solution, and stopping could be a challenge.

Psychological addiction

Someone can be psychologically addicted if they notice strong urges to use a drug in a specific setting or situation. For example, ecstasy is not physically addictive, but in a night club someone could feel a strong urge to use the drug because they're accustomed to experiencing it's effects in that setting.

If you're noticing signs of addiction in your drug use, DrugHelp is a great place to start, or you could decide to explore treatment options.

AddictionAddiction takes over your life, but with a bit of help you can get it back.

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Because I was addicted from the get-go. It’s very addictive. Some people probably could’ve put it down but I couldn’t. It ruins your life and it runs your life.