Guide for change booklet

If you are worried about your meth use, or someone you love who is using meth, you can order a free copy of the MethHelp guide for change booklet.

ResourcesThe MethHelp booklet provides extra help and support so that you can make the change.

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What is in the booklet?

The booklet is a place to start, rather than a comprehensive self-help tool. The short booklet offers basic information about what you can do to get help if you want it. The booklet comes with a DVD.

  1. Booklet – read advice about the process of change, along with a series of questions in each section.
  2. DVD – watch New Zealanders talking of their experiences of meth.
Methhelp Booklet Open

Order the booklet and DVD

Order your copy of the FREE guide to change. Fill out the form below or call us on 0800 378 474.

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